About Miguel


My name is Miguel Quintana and I has been working with MS SQL server for the last 10 years. For most of the time, I've focused my work on Installing, Configuring and Maintaining SQL Server databases.

This blog started as a way to store a few scripts that I've found on the interwebs and a few that I have created in order to help me better manage the SQL Servers that I support.  I try to give the corresponding credits where it's due, but sometimes I just forgot where I got the idea from.

I'm originally from Chile, and I have been leaving in the United States for over a decade, mostly in the Midwest. Pardon my typos and grammar, as English is not my first language, so if you see something that shouldn't be there, let me know, I'll be happy to fix it.

When I'm not knee deep working on SQL, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking interesting dishes from all over the world, which I'll try to post some neat pictures.

As you can tell, I'm not a MVP nor I have any certifications nor I'm a chef.  So, if you take what I wrote for your own purposes, you are welcome, but please be sure what you are running, and test it first… you never know if I might be wrong (gasp!) or even if a typo was introduced and broke the script.