Link Server Information


A very simply script to list all link servers available on the SQL Server

,case sl.uses_self_credential 
	when 1 then 'Uses Self Credentials' 
    else coalesce(,'') 
	end 'Local login'
, coalesce(sl.remote_name,'') 'Remote Login Name'
,case ss.is_rpc_out_enabled
	when 1 then 'True'
	else 'False'
	end 'RPC Out Enabled'
 ,case ss.is_data_access_enabled 
   when 1 then 'True'
   else 'False'
   end 'Data Access Enabled'
FROM sys.Servers ss 
 LEFT JOIN sys.linked_logins sl ON ss.server_id = sl.server_id 
 LEFT JOIN sys.server_principals ssp ON ssp.principal_id = sl.local_principal_id
 where 1=1
Order by


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